Money Laundering introduction

The term, ‘money laundering’, refers to the process by which criminals and fraudulent businesses disguise money made from illegal activity. Once illegally acquired funds have been passed through the hands of enough legitimate businesses and institutions, they become untraceable, and are therefore free to be used without threat of repercussions.

MBS Solicitors are experienced in defending businesses that have been accused of money laundering.  We are also able to tender legal advice to businesses that wish to ensure they are never unknowingly used as money launderers.

Current money laundering regulations impose serious repercussions for those found to be engaging in money laundering activities.  The penalties can vary from substantial fines to a term of imprisonment up to fourteen years, also restraint and confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

MBS Solicitors will be happy to engage in a more detailed discussion of the legal implications of money laundering.  We can provide reliable legal advice to you.  We have the resources to defend you in matters pertaining to money laundering and other serious fraud and business crime activities.

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