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A substantial number of individuals and entities, such as law firms, doctors, dentists, social workers, universities and schools are regulated by an official body. There may come a time when you find yourself subjected to a complaint, grievance or disciplinary procedure or wishing to instigate such a process. The consequences may be significant, including loss of employment or a financial penalty. Nowadays, regulatory bodies face pressure from the public to be seen to be acting fairly and robustly. Their aim is to investigate individuals and entities for alleged breaches.

Irrespective of which side of the dispute you find yourself in, there is a duty for any investigations to be carried out fairly, efficiently and discreetly.

Such claims are notoriously problematic given that the rules governing a particular conduct can vary depending on the person or entity being complained about.  There may be particular internal procedure in terms of which any investigations will be carried out or in the event that a complaint is upheld or dismissed.

We recognise that such complaints and grievances can have a devastating reputational impact and take an emotional toll. We provide expert, tailored and constructive advice to guide individuals and corporate entities through disciplinary and regulatory matters.

The benefits of MBS Solicitors

At MBS Solicitors, we provide advice on a wide variety of regulatory and disciplinary matters, including;

  • Legal regulatory/disciplinary matters involving complaints against solicitors and advocates;
  • Medical regulatory/disciplinary matters against Doctors & other Medical Professionals;
  • Academic Appeals and Appeals against expulsion from Schools, Colleges and Universities.
  • Appeals and Judicial Review against decisions of regulatory and disciplinary bodies (including the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission, Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal, Scottish Social Services Council and General Medical Council).

We will advise you of your options if you wish to instigate or defend regulatory or disciplinary proceedings and advise you what you can realistically expect to happen.

We have experience in pursuing statutory appeals against regulatory bodies as well pursuing applications for Judicial Review where appropriate. We operate a substantial litigation practice in the Sheriff Court and Court of Session. We have the knowhow of when to negotiate and when to litigate.

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At MBS Solicitors, our clients expect prompt and attentive legal services – and we provide it cost effectively.  We are able to provide you with clear, reasoned legal advice in your case.  To discuss your concerns, contact MBS Solicitors.

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