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Whether you are looking to lease commercial premises or enter into a commercial lease, obtaining legal advice early is crucial in avoiding unnecessary disputes in the future. The terms of a commercial lease can be technical, complex and can have a devastating impact if not framed properly. While proforma leases may seem the perfect solution, they often exclude crucial elements which can have substantial repercussions. It pays to get things done right. All potential avenues which could result in a dispute, require to be addressed. Examples include fully repairing and insurance clauses, break options, breaches, personal guarantees, sub-leasing and rent reviews.

We will take the time to listen to your commercial needs and objectives and negotiate suitable terms which are favourable to you. We represent you throughout the process and discuss matters in a jargon-free way.

The benefits of MBS Solicitors

At MBS Solicitors, we provide advice on a wide variety of property law matters including;

  • Preparation of Commercial Leases
  • Variation of Leases
  • Licenses & Liferents
  • Assignations
  • Sub-leases
  • Rent Reviews
  • Dilapidations
  • Breach of Lease
  • Ejections
  • Access Rights & Boundary Disputes
  • Occupation and Trade Disputes
  • Calling Up of Standard Securities

In the even that a dispute arises, we have significant experience in the interpretation and implementation of contracts. Our team regularly liaise with chartered surveyors and other professionals to act as Arbiters.

Sometimes, litigating in Court is the only way forward. Where that occurs, our team are specialists in dealing with the Court process from start to finish. We have litigated at all levels of the Scottish Courts with our clients enjoying an impressive success rate.

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At MBS Solicitors, our clients expect prompt and attentive legal services – and we provide it cost effectively.  We are able to provide you with clear, reasoned legal advice in your case.  To discuss your concerns, contact MBS Solicitors.

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