What we offer

Family and relationship disputes are an emotionally difficult and uneasy time for everyone involved. We recognise that disputes require to be resolved quickly and discreetly. The advice we give will always be tailored to your particular circumstances. We aim to guide you through this emotional time by providing clear and down to earth advice which is cost-effective.

The benefits of MBS Solicitors

At MBS Solicitors, we provide advice on every aspect of family law including;

  • Divorce and Dissolution of Civil Partnerships
  • Separation
  • Cohabitation
  • Cross Border/International aspects
  • Financial support (Aliment)
  • Interdicts and Non-Harassment Orders

Whenever possible, we will find a resolution through our experienced negotiations, saving you the time, expense and stress of the Court process.

If Court action is required, our highly regarded team have extensive experience in representing clients throughout Scotland in the Sheriff Court, Sheriff Appeal Court and the Court of Session (Outer & Inner House). We have been involved in some of the leading family law cases in Scotland which have helped to shape and interpret the law. We are regularly approached by local authorities and fellow law firms to advise on this area of law.

For couples considering marriage or living together, we can offer clear advice on how to protect assets and the legal consequences which follow.

We have an unparalleled track record of fierce negotiation and delivering the best results for our clients.

We understand that clients look for a clear outline of legal fees. We are always upfront from the outset about the expected and potential costs of any representation we provide to you. Occasionally, we may provide a fixed fee for a set amount of work. This can include, for example, where there are no financial disputes or children under the age of 16.

Where it is not possible for us to provide a fixed fee, we charge a competitive hourly rate based on the time spent working on your case. This includes written correspondence, meetings and Court appearances.

We also act as Edinburgh Agents in the Court of Session, Edinburgh.

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At MBS Solicitors, our clients expect prompt and attentive legal services – and we provide it cost effectively.  We are able to provide you with clear, reasoned legal advice in your case.  To discuss your concerns, contact MBS Solicitors.

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