Restraint Proceedings during a criminal investigation

The Courts may impose restraining orders during a criminal investigation.  The restraining orders are used as a method of freezing assets which may later be confiscated.  If you have been served with a restraint order, t is imperative that you obtain the proper legal advice at the outset to enable your defence to be fully prepared.

The restrain order can be imposed in allegations concerning money laundering, VAT fraud or any other form of serious fraud or business crime.  The restraint order will prevent you or anyone else from dealing with or accessing your assets.  You will usually be allowed a weekly allowance until such time that the restraint order is lifted or your assets have been seized.  MBS Solicitors are able to negotiate on your behalf if the allowance is insufficient for your needs.

MBS Solicitors are able to:

  • Provide legal advice on the restraint order;
  • Prepare statements for the court detailing your assets;
  • Represent you in restraint proceedings;
  • Negotiate the restraint order on your behalf.

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