We offer peace of mind that your case is being handled right. A divorce can be an emotionally trying time for the parties involved. We can guide you through the divorce process and advise you clearly on what to expect at every turn of your case.  Whenever possible, we will strive to find a resolution through experienced, skilful negotiations.  We also know that a divorce may require an aggressive and clear presentation of your case.

MBS Solicitors offer high quality legal representation regarding divorce, dissolution and legal separation.

Moving Forward

We will strive to put you in the best possible position in the future. We can assist you in understanding the possible issues in your divorce and provide solutions that will work for you and provide you with closure.

We Will Fight For Your Rights

There are many issues which you will require to consider during the divorce process, including:

  • Division of Assets
  • Children
  • Financial Support
  • Child Maintenance

The Courts in Scotland focus on dividing matrimonial property fairly. This may not necessarily be equally between the parties.  Scots Law provides various principles (referred to as Section 9 Principles) which provide guidance as to the manner of distribution of matrimonial property. The principles are as follows:

Section 9 Principles

  • Fair sharing of matrimonial property;
  • Economic advantage or disadvantage;
  • Economic burden of childcare;
  • Dependence by one party on financial support of other party for a limited period;
  • Potentially unlimited support based on financial hardship.

We will assist you negotiating the division of the matrimonial property.   Usually, this is the preferred method of dividing marital property.  We will advise you on what you can expect to receive from a court settlement and aim to achieve that by way of  negotiation for you.  However, there are occasions where negotiations can prove fruitless and litigation is only the option.  We will fight to defend your rights in court.  Contact MBS Solicitors to schedule a consultation.  We represent clients throughout Scotland.