Commercial Fraud Introduction

MBS Solicitors understand the disruption that a fraud investigation can cause to both your personal life and your business.  As a client-focused law firm, we go out of our way to minimise the effects of any business related legal action on you, your family, employees and co-workers.

Commercial Fraud and Business crime can involve commercial agreements, detailed workings of insurance law, accounting standards, company law and procedures and import regulations.   MBS Solicitors have the experience and sources to represent your interests properly.

We are able to attend at any time any police station (or Serious Fraud Office or HM Customs) interviews with you, whether the interview is voluntary or following your arrest.  We will help you to prepare, and will offer the appropriate advice during the course of the interview, advise you when to answer a question and when to exercise your right to remain silent.  Having an experienced solicitor on your side will allow you to present your strongest defence.

We are also able to assist you on cases where your assets have been frozen or seized as part of an ongoing fraud investigation.

The complexity of business crime cases also requires access to the very best experts in many areas including accounting, telephony, forensics and advocacy. We have access to invaluable resources to aide your case.   Good preparation and advice can make all the difference between conviction and acquittal.  Our evidence gathering includes approaching witnesses, assembling documentary evidence and conducting computer forensic investigations in order to follow the trail of communication and evidence – even across multiple sites and between very many people.

Our in-depth knowledge in business crime and commercial fraud cases has enabled us to establish a close working relationship with some of the best Advocates and other legal and non-legal experts that can make the difference between winning and losing your case.

How a Fraud or Business Crime Case Works

MBS Solicitors understand that each case is different.  We endeavour to adopt the best possible route to get you the best result.

In order to achieve the best possible outcome, we adopt the following guide:

Investigative stage

It is essential that we are involved in your case from the outset so that the best possible advice before, during and after any interview(s) under caution can be provided.  This advice, coupled with a pro-active approach during the investigation period, often results in no prosecution being brought against you.

Court proceedings

If you are charged, expert representation in Court and pro-active preparation of the defence can sometimes stop a prosecution in its tracks.

Trial preparation

If a case does go all the way to trial, then sustained preparation of the defence case and with attention to detail is paramount.  This approach certainly pays dividends once the trial itself starts.

The Trial

Solicitors and Advocates are carefully selected and instructed for your particular case. This will ensure that trial is conducted in an impeccable manner to give you the best possible outcome.  We will continue to support you and throughout the trial.


If necessary Appeals to the Sheriff Principal, High Court of Justiciary can be properly pursued.

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