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Trading Standards

Trading Standards defence strategy MBS Solicitors have invaluable resources to enable a strong defence strategy to be tailored for you and your business in the event of trading standards violation. Trading standards is a broad term, covering a huge range of constantly evolving pieces of legislation designed by central government to protect consumers. Investigations in [...]

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Serious Fraud

Complex cases of Serious Fraud We have the resources to provide you with legal advice in complex cases.  These can include high value fraud, false accounting or money laundering cases. MBS Solicitors can provide guidance and legal advice during the interview process and assist with preparation of the strongest possible case in your defence.  [...]

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Restraint Proceedings

Restraint Proceedings during a criminal investigation The Courts may impose restraining orders during a criminal investigation.  The restraining orders are used as a method of freezing assets which may later be confiscated.  If you have been served with a restraint order, t is imperative that you obtain the proper legal advice at the outset to [...]

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Professional Disciplinary Proceedings

Legal representation MBS Solicitors are able to provide you with legal representation at an internal disciplinary hearing at your workplace.  We can provide you with the appropriate legal advice and support for the disciplinary proceedings.  Having an experienced solicitor at your side serves to improve your chances of putting your position forward, which may [...]

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Money Laundering

Money Laundering introduction The term, 'money laundering', refers to the process by which criminals and fraudulent businesses disguise money made from illegal activity. Once illegally acquired funds have been passed through the hands of enough legitimate businesses and institutions, they become untraceable, and are therefore free to be used without threat of repercussions. MBS [...]

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Health and Safety

Health and Safety Violations Are you a director or a senior manager facing prosecution for health and safety violations? If so, MBS Solicitors can help.  We are able to carry out a swift assessment of your case and prepare a comprehensive defence strategy. Cases involving an accusation of gross negligence or a violation of [...]

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Financial Services Authority

Reliable legal advice regarding to Financial Services Authority MBS Solicitors are able to provide clear, reliable legal advice on matters pertaining to a prosecution or a potential prosecution involving the Financial Services Authority (FSA).  In the event of a prosecution, the Courts can impose a custodial sentence, or a fine or both. The FSA [...]

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MBS Solicitors have the resources to provide you with the proper legal advice on UK extradition law. Extradition is the process by which a person charged with a serious fraud or crime in one country (Country X) is transferred to another country (Country Y) for trial. The law on extradition is very complex.  We [...]

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Electoral Fraud

Illegal interference with the process of an election Electoral fraud refers to any illegal interference with the process of an election, be it on political occasions, union elections, awards ceremonies or student elections.  Interference can take a variety of forms including everything from improper vote counting and intimidation at polls to manipulation of postal [...]

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Corporate Homicide

Corporate Homicide Introduction MBS Solicitors are able to provide you with the appropriate advice on corporate homicide. The crime of corporate homicide (or manslaughter in England, Wales and Northern Ireland) was created by the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.   The 2007 Act aims to make organisations liable for deaths resulting from perceived [...]

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